Small Business Certification

Full Partnership with Schools is a certified Small Business with the state of California, Department of General Services. Being a small business allows FPS the following benefits:

A five percent (5%) bid preference on applicable State solicitations;

As a certified small business/microbusiness, we are eligible for the State's Small Business Participation Program. This program sets a goal for the use of small businesses in at least 25% of the State's overall annual contract dollars;

Under the Prompt Payment Act, the State must pay a certified SB / MB higher interest penalties for late payment of an undisputed invoice. Prompt payment penalties for construction firms are addressed separately under Public Contract Code, Section 10261.5);

State agencies may use a streamlined process, known as the SB/DVBE Option, by contracting directly with a California certified small business/microbusiness for goods, services, information technology and Public Works projects. The solicitation must be valued at more than $5,000 and the State agency must obtain price quotes from at least two California certified small business/microbusiness;

Many state agencies, school districts, state universities, and local government offices opearate under these guidelines.

Call us today to find out how we can help you use FPS as your qualifying certified small business.