Microsoft Registered Refurbisher

Under our agreement with Microsoft, FPS is licensed to refurbish ANY unit that is at least 6 months old, whether or not it has an existing COA or NOT. This applies only to special licenses which are referred to as “Citizenship Licenses”. They are only available to special customers like ours, which consists of K-12 through K-20 School Districts, Non-Profit organizations, and special TAP customers.

Microsoft dictates how each and every one of their Refurbishers process their machines through the approved program. Certain minimal requirements have to be met, FPS goes beyond the minimum and offers the maximum in reliability, longevity and quality that you can depend on.

We take pride in our refurbishment process, our machines leave our facility in true “like new” condition. Our refurbishment process is done at our state of the art facility which has been approved for re-manufacturing and repair by some of the most stringent manufacture audits.

Our Refurbishment Process:

Step 1
Receive in off lease, liquidated, and asset recovered IT equipment.

Step 2
Hard drives are completely sanitized, units are tested per our in-house diagnostic testing procedures. Failed drives, ROM’s, system boards, memory, are discarded and processed through our green recycle program.

Step 3
PC’s, laptops and servers are than torn down to component level, where they are checked for physical integrity, cases are thoroughly cleaned, when possible skins, bezel covers and the like are replaced to adhere to the appearance of like new.

Step 4
Units are then re-assembled, failed parts are replaced with either refurbished or new service parts.

Step 5
Units are than burnt in for 24 hours assuring that they will pass the last stages of testing and imaging.

Step 6
Units are again re-tested through our in house diagnostics process.

Step 7
Units are re-cleaned, and staged for imaging that is either supplied by a District IT professional or per our customers required specifications.

Step 8
Units are staged, and packed with the necessary product keys, necessary product information.

Step 9
At no cost to our customer, we ship via ground to any desired location within the United States.