Our Management Team


Scott Dietz

Mr. Dietz has been a successful executive in the reverse logistics industry for over 20 years, having filled a variety of positions in several product areas over those years. Scott brings a wealth of experience and success in the inventory management, business development, logistics program design and financial management areas. After graduating The University of Michigan with a B.A. in Economics and receiving an M.B.A. from Pepperdine University Scott founded Computer Parts Warehouse, a computer and printer spares parts distribution company, after successfully growing several distribution and logistics company's parts sales divisions.

Mr. Dietz was instrumental at Computer Parts Warehouse in developing the customer base, financial controls and inventory management systems which led to profitable growth for twelve straight years. Scott assumed a variety of management roles while there and successfully implemented sales, inventory and financial management systems and processes that allowed the company to keep a lean and extremely cost-competitive organizational structure while still delivering consistently outstanding customer service results to a diverse base of clients.

Vice President of Operations

Long Troung

Mr. Troung has over 25 years experience in reverse logistics repair, reverse engineering, component level repair, operations management, manufacturing processes, engineering processes, bill of materials identification, LCD polizeration as well many other technical processes.

Mr. Troung heads up our quality audits, refurbishment processes and manufacturing processes. Mr Troung has proven to be invaluable to FPS, and has gained the confidence of key manufactures, by the means of plant audit approvals.