Company Overview

Technology is more critical than ever to K-12 education—but with today’s limited budgets, making the right choice of technology partner is important. FPS understands the challenges of K-12 education and is committed to helping technology directors, IT professionals, educators, and administrators meet their goals and stay within their budgets. FPS’s strong service, innovative products, and outstanding value make it a great long-term partner to educational institutions. Easy to deploy and use, and designed for long use, FPS’s laptops, PCs, servers, flat panel displays and other products are a great value and the right fit for teachers and students.

FPS' Education Division is solely committed to State, Local Government, Non-Profit and the Healthcare Industry. FPS is a Certified Small Business with State of California and have been award a California Multiple Award Schedule Contract number 3-14-70-3094A. Our CMAS contract allows FPS to not only offer brand name new products from over 400 manufactures, with over 300,000 part numbers, model numbers and whole units. Major manufactures include Dell Computer, Hewlett Packard, Seagate Systems, to name a few.

Our service offerings to our special K-12, Government, Non-Profit and Healthcare facilities is truly a full service solution, offering both refurbished and new products gives our customers flexibility, and the ability to utilize our full set of service offerings in the most cost effective way.

All of our refurbished computer products including, PC's, laptops, servers, LCD monitors carry a full comprehensive 3 year warranty. That would include repair or replacement of the failed unit or service part replacement. Our refurbished IT products are fully licensed through our Partnership with Microsoft Corporation, where you will receive a product key and license for each individual IT product purchased from FPS.

FPS is a Registered Microsoft Refurbisher and Microsoft Education Reseller. Our partnerships with Asset Recovery, off lease and corporations allow us to remain competitive in the growing market of refurbished distribution IT equipment to the Public K-12 School District.