Our Partners

K-12-K-20 School Districts, State Universities, State Government Charter Schools, Community Colleges, Career Schools, Private Schools and Universities

Our most valued partners are our customers. We work hard to ensure that our partners are receiving a high quality product, while receiving a high level of customer service. We take your budget concerns seriously and will do whatever we can to ensure that your students, and staff, are provided with a cost effective healthy IT platform.

Authorized HoverCam Reseller

FPS is proud to be a authorized Reseller for the Premier provider of document cameras to K-12 School Districts across North America

Fujitsu Mobile Products/WSCA-NASPO

FPS is proud to be a Select Partner with Fujitsu America. Our partnership allows FPS to offer their full line of Mobile products.

State of California, Department of General Services

Our partnership with the State of California allows us to extend our reach to state universities, state facilities, and many K-12 school districts that utilize the CMAS procurement vehicle.

Microsoft Corporation

FPS is proud to be part of the Microsoft Team, our partnership Allows us the flexibility to offer our K-12 customers a full array Of programs that are catered to your students unique needs. As a Registered Refurbisher we are qualified to distribute high Quality, reliable IT products.