FPS offers a wide range of Liquidation programs that all can be customized to meet the particular requirements of any organization or company in need of inventory evaluation and liquidation. We are expert in developing programs that meet your specific needs and get you the cost recovery you require. We work with you develop the most cost-effective liquidation program and are always sensitive to meet your internal organizational needs. We have successfully implemented and executed mutually-beneficial revenue sharing programs as well as straight purchase transaction depending on the inventory in question and the unique requirements of the partner that we are working with.

Due to our repair and refurbishment expertise, we are also able to offer unmatched cost-effective liquidation programs for scrap or defective product. This allows organization to realize real dollars for product that in the past may have yielded little or no return on their investment. In addition, with or recently added eWaste services we can liquidate true scrap inventory at little or no cost to your company which means you can take advantage of a full suite of comprehensive liquidation programs tailored to meet all your requirements. Give us an opportunity to demonstrate the FPS advantage and leverage our liquidation expertise…you’ll be glad you did.