Got any unwanted and obsolete electronics? If it powers on and you use it to communicate, gather information, or store data, FPS has a great program for you! Below is a list of samples devices that you may consider sending us for proper disposal or recycling.

LCD TV, LCD Monitor, Desktop PC, Laptop, Netbook, Tablet, Server, Workstation Keyboards, Printer - Inkjet & Laser, Mouse, Hard Disk Drive, Optical Drive, Modem Digital Camera, Cell Phones, Power Suppplies, Medical Equipment, Circuit Board Switches, Telephones, Game Console, Handheld Device, Remote Controls AC Adapter, Cash Register, Kiosk, Copier, Fax Machine

***Please remove all hazardous materials, chemicals, toner, ink, battery when shipping units!***

Shipping Instructions

Ship to: FPS, Inc
Attention: Recycling department
320 Hearst Drive
Oxnard, CA 93030